Teeth Whitening


We know that people who consume or smoke foods and beverages that will leave a lot of colour and stain on their teeth, such as coffee and tea in daily life, often struggle against yellowing in their teeth. There are many different reasons for the formation of stains in the teeth, such as these. Teeth whitening is a very popular and preferred practice today.

How Do You Deal With Yellowing And Stains On Your Teeth?

What Is Teeth Whitening?

Most of the time, you have thought that brushing your teeth is not enough, but how to whitening, what is the price can cause you to wait for questions such as. Then let’s answer those questions.

there are many methods for whitening, but the method you need to apply to get a definite solution in a short time and is the method to be done by a doctor.

Teeth Whitening Methods And Information

How To make Teeth Whitening?

The first step in the process of whitening teeth is to clean the enamel. Teeth cleaning with the cleaning of the enamel are different concepts. Tooth cleaning, tooth a cleaning process for removing stains is not required. After cleaning the enamel, the stains and residues formed on your teeth are cleaned. When this process is completed, it is normal to feel sensitivity in your teeth. You should avoid foods and beverages that cause stains on your teeth during the bleaching process, and avoid contact of foods that are too hot or too cold with your teeth.

If we summarize our answer to the question of how to whitening, the tooth is cleaned on the teeth, the tooth’s color is revealed after the chemical and the sensitivity formed in the tooth is eliminated and the color of your teeth is turned on. A session may take up to 1-2 hours. After the chemicals applied on the teeth, the teeth are irradiated and the whitening session is completed.

Teeth Whitening
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