Smile Design

What Is Smile Design ?

Smile design is the process that is applied to make lips and teeth that are effective in your smile and aesthetically pleasing to the person. One of the important points in the design of smile is that teeth are lined and smooth. The teeth on top of each other may prevent you from displaying an aesthetic smile. Teeth should also look white and clean.

Smile is the state that attracts our attention first in a person. This tool that we use to reflect our feelings and emotions is very important for expressing ourselves and making us feel beautiful. Who wouldn’t want to make your smile more aesthetically and beautiful?im is a process that is done more through the mouth. People must be extremely careful about their gestures and attitudes when communicating. Congenital or post-occurring deformity in the teeth, tooth loss and decay, such as negative cases, to hamper the expected performance of communication situations that cause. Developing dental medicine,” rose design ” treatment by developing this type of problems have managed to eliminate. With this application in the field of Aesthetic Dentistry, more confident smiles can be provided.

What Are The Stages Of Smile Design?

After the patient’s expectations are understood, problems are identified in the molds that are formed by the help of the measurements taken from the mouth of the patient and a solution planning is made for these problems. It is important to remember that the patient’s expectations and the results he or she wants to see should be taken into account, but patients can sometimes make choices that are incompatible with facial forms. In such a case, it is important that the doctor gives the patient options and directs them. Then the measurements and alignment of the intraoral and facial photographs of the patient are calculated on the computer. It is now possible to see the result before you can design a smile. With the help of candles, you can see the shape closest to the result before the process begins.

When the process is started, primarily gum disorders are eliminated. In case of missing teeth, surgical procedures should be applied. During the healing period, no treatment is applied.

Laminate veneers

laminated veneers are a type of veneer made of at least one coating on the tooth. This type of coating, which requires a thin layer on a solid tooth, means leaf coating in Latin. It is also the most protective prosthesis application because it is a small step on the tooth.

Zirconia Crown

The most important feature of zirconium ceramic treatment in the separation of other treatment methods is the completion of the treatment in a short time. Dental specialists say that in general zirconia ceramic treatment is sufficient for 5 days. In other words, there is no need to wait for a long time to have an aesthetic smile.

Pink Aesthetics

an aesthetic appearance for your smile to be straight and white teeth or her alone may not be enough. However, the gums must also be compatible with the teeth. The developing medical world, thanks to its advanced methods, now helps those who want to get a better look by making pink aesthetic


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