What is Pedodontics?

A by any other name, pedodontics children’s dentistry, permanent teeth and deciduous teeth of children between the ages of 0 to 16 that can occur and protect tooth decay and similar issues is a science that deals with hereditary.The child’s dental care needs to be taken care of and supervised by a pediatric dentist.

Children are expected to do their own care until about 9 years of age because they can not do their parents. Oral care for children varies according to adults. Because children’s teeth are sensitive, brushing is not necessary until a certain age. Instead, for babies 6. After completing the month, cleaning the inside of the mouth with a wet cloth starts the dental and oral care process. After the child is 6 years old, the brush should be started with toothpaste. The important thing is that after your child is 1 years of age, you will see a pedodonti specialist (child dentist) and be examined. If your child has used a pacifier or bottle for a long period of time, remember to have a review of the possibility of bottle rot during the examination.

Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

Dental caries are a type of decay that occurs in the teeth of children who are over 1 year old and still use pacifiers or bottles. The reason is that the baby continues to use the bottle after the front teeth are removed. Every child is always wrong to say, but it is useful to be cautious.

Children’s milk teeth are 20 in total. It is important to remember that milk teeth are not important for parents, but it is important to remember that milk teeth serve as a placeholder for permanent teeth. For this reason, before you take out your child’s milk teeth or grind teeth and jaw may lead to distortions in the structure. After the milk teeth fall, it is possible to protect the tooth structure by attaching an apparatus to the child’s teeth in order to add the shift of the teeth.

What services does Pedodonti provide?

In general, in addition to helping you with your child’s oral and dental health, they can help you with specific issues.:

-Checking the child’s first teeth,

-Follow-up of child’s oral health by making the necessary directions to parents,

-Development of milk teeth and preparations for permanent teeth,

– To ensure that the child has not been traumatized,

-And finally, cure tooth decay.

Your child’s mouth and teeth at every stage of development to answer your questions and follow the development is important in terms of. Don’t forget to have your child check for dental health.

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