Implant Treatments

Implant Treatment


Same Day Implant Treatment (Immediate loading Implants):


Dental implants are artificial tooth roots placed in the jawbone of the patient who has experienced tooth loss for any reason. This treatment provides a long-term solution for the patients.

Immediate loading implants is one of the types of implant methode completed in a short period of time. Today, although some patients prefer this, even if the clinics do not see any excuse in their implementation, Akvadent Dental Clinic physicians do not recommend this type of implant to every patient as it may be inconvenient.

How should an emergency implant be applied?

These artificial teeth should not have an active infection in the teeth before they are applied, and adequate bone should be present in the area where the application will be made. For this procedure performed immediately after the tooth extraction, if possible, it is necessary to add bone powder around the implant if it is needed and not traumatized during the extraction.

When the implant is applied under normal conditions, experts recommend waiting period between 1.5 and 2 months after the tooth extraction. However, if some conditions and conditions are fulfilled, it can be applied immediately after extraction. The name given to the procedure immediately after the tooth extraction is called immediate implant. The “teeth in 3 days” ads that we encounter in search engines or in the advertisements of oral health centers are also related to these types of implants.

Teeth in 3 days (immediate) implant is a type of that can be applied to the front teeth. However, it is important to note that traumatic situations do not occur when the front teeth are drawn. If the environment to be implanted is needed, bone powder should definitely be added.

Although it is not very preferred by our specialist physicians with pros and cons, if the patient requests, immobilized implant is applied in our Polyclinic.

If the patient has a fixed tooth that the dentist temporarily wears, it is useful to choose the soft food until it is removed.

This method is applied for those who do not have time at the time point or who want to have a curmput in a short time, our physicians do not recommend that the shooting area is not healed immediately after the shooting.

In dental implant applications performed with all on 4 technique, the patient is usually used to new teeth on the day of surgery. Functions such as speech and eating and drinking will return from the first day to the old healthy state.

All on four implant:

All on four is a dental implant technique developed by Nobel Biocare. Nobel Biocare is one of the largest and most established companies in this sector since the 1960s and considering both Europe and the world markets. The dental implants produced are accepted all over the world and are used safely.

The all on four technique was first tested by Nobel Biocare in 1998 and has since been safely used in hundreds of thousands of patients with total tooth loss. When looking at this date, there were two major disadvantages of Dental Implants. First, dental implant treatment prices were very high for Toothless patients. The second is for the dentists to practice the implant will be placed in the appropriate conditions to find a bone often became a difficult endeavor. With all on four techniques, all these problems were history.

How is the all on four technique applied?

Contrary to what is thought, all fourteen is a much more practical method than any other conventional method. If the desired conditions are provided and the patient is approved by the dentist with the proper bone structure, all procedures can be terminated within a day.

First of all, all on four is determined by the dentist who provided the necessary conditions for the implementation of the technique. The use of Computed Tomography and dental film may be necessary in order for these determinations to be completed in a healthy manner. If the patient is deemed suitable for opersayon, the second step is taken.

In the Second Step, 4 implants are placed and fixed, two of which are straight and two of which are inclined at a 45 degree angle to the jaw where the procedure will be applied. In the last step, the prosthetic teeth are aligned with the implants and are placed in place. If the necessary preparations are complete, an implant with the all-on-four technique can be completed in a short period of time.

What are the advantages of the all on four technique?

The price is more affordable. Dental implant applications are much cheaper compared to traditional techniques.
Faster. Thanks to 45 degree sloping implants, the need for bone graft application has been eliminated. However, the use of the appropriate bone in the jaw and palate naturally accelerates the treatment process more than ever.
Are healthy. Since the natural structure of the body and bones are not interfered, there is no negative effect on general health.
Quick recovery is provided. In dental implant applications performed with all on 4 technique, the patient is usually used to new teeth on the day of surgery. Functions such as speech and eating and drinking will return from the first day to the old healthy state.


Implant Treatments
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